Welcome to "Crowd Scale Catalyst," a Substack fueled by passion and purpose. We are a community committed to addressing the pressing issues of our time.

Our vision is to make possible "Fulfilling our highest potential as we age." This process framework above embodies our mission which is to — unite in collective pursuit of financial security, to gain more control of our time, so that it can be invested into our Health and wellness.

Through mastery of our digital world we enable step changes in personal capability and productivity that enhance our financial security, and amplify our unique human attributes to gain control over time itself.

Time and newfound financial resources we then invest into enhancing our health and wellness. This investment enables a virtuous cycle, granting us additional time, expanded workspan and more control. A process that empowers us to achieve our fullest potential as we age - paving the way for a future characterized by exceptional wellness, vitality, and perhaps extended longevity.

Together, as a large community, we harness and focus our combined intelligence, passion, talent, expertise, purchasing power, and crowd-scale micro-funding capability to ‘catalyze’ purposeful crowd-scale projects that matter.

At crowd scale, we are a formidable force for change; at massive scale, we can impose change.

The Crowd Scale Catalyst framework envisions a virtuous repeating cycle where:

#1 Wealth and Financial Security - Through mastery of our digital world, we learn how to augment and amplify our capabilities with machine intelligence, to embrace continuous learning, to adapt, to unlearn, to upskill - redefining our professional skills over time - so that we are on the forefront of artificial intelligence driven workplace transformations in the near future. We strategically navigate our careers and engage with new and evolving digital platforms while also enriching our human-centric skillsets demonstrating extraordinary effectiveness in the workplace -- thereby ensuring robust financial security and wealth accumulation as we age.

#2 Control of Time - Leaning into our combined intellect, intuition, creativity and shared experiences — we learn to navigate information overload, transforming it into actionable knowledge. Here, we explore cutting-edge personal productivity frameworks, automations, and the power of artificial intelligence to amplify our abilities and reach for our highest aspirations. In mastering the intricacies of our digital world, we gain greater command over time itself — our most valuable asset.

#3 Extended Health and Wellness - Understanding everything that matters to each of us requires a wellspring of good health. We expose, explore, and push back against threats to our health. At Crowd Scale, we realize increasing control of self, work, and time as means to extend our healthspan, age well, and stay younger longer.

By investing newfound time and financial resources into our well-being, we initiate a virtuous cycle where improved health leads to more time, extending our workspan and increasing our wealth. This, in turn, allows us to further invest in extending our healthspan, enabling us to reach our fullest potential as we age.

-Bill Theurer

By uniting strategically in coordinated boycotts, national social media campaigns, and micro crowd-funded legal challenges we possess the means and might to

  • Realign the balance of power between consumers and the largest corporations by dismantling unnecessary corporate profiteering schemes that have resulted in unjust, accelerated, and excessive wealth transfer from the many to the few.

Our first crowd-scale project explores the Pandemic Financial Justice (PFJ) Thesis. It is where we are responding to profound economic injustices exacerbated by the global pandemic. Join the ‘Fight Against Greedflation’ campaign by donating to the GoFundMe and subscribing below.

The newsletter serves as a platform for advocacy, working to dismantle systemic financial injustices and advocating for policies and practices that ensure economic prosperity for all.

Together, as a large community, we harness and focus our combined intelligence, passion, talent, expertise, purchasing power, and crowd-scale micro-funding capability to ‘catalyze’ purposeful crowd-scale projects that matter.

My vision is for the community to enable a journey of meaningful engagement with lasting impact, where the readership is committed to the ideals of equitable commerce, sustainable economic prosperity, health and wellness, and the fulfillment of our highest individual and collective potential.

Become part of a community dedicated to dismantling exploitative schemes, advocating for financial justice, and overcoming obstacles to health and wellness.

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About Me

In my professional life I am a seasoned enterprise scale program manager with a history of leading successful multi-million dollar projects with large project teams and hundreds of stakeholders. (LinkedIn) Here on Substack I am dedicating time to surfacing and leading purpose-driven, crowd-scale initiatives that may resonate deeply with you.

Availability: Open - I am currently available to lead part-time projects that matter, and happy to entertain full-time legacy projects aligned with my passion projects. Engagements are corp-to-corp with hybrid / remote working arrangements and travel world wide as necessary.

Centrificus, Inc is Colorado Chapter S corporation wholly owned by William Theurer. The corporation provides consulting and project management services and produces purposeful online content through its branded channels: Crowd Scale Catalyst, Health Conspiracies, Healthspan Extension, and Vitality Programs. This corporate structure makes it possible to provide services to corporations without agency markups and to produce low cost and free content that matters. Substack subscriptions, crowd-scale campaigns, donations and merchandise sales help fuel this effort. Donations are not tax deductible at this time.

Join the project crew

For those interested in joining the founding project team as an individual contributor you can email me directly as a paid subscriber and connect with me on LinkedIn and social media.


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We are a community driven by passion and purpose, a place where we unite to achieve our highest potential. At Crowd Scale, we rally to rectify systemic injustices that jeopardize financial security, consume precious time, and diminish healthspan.


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